#20 Eric Sinatora DIRECTOR of the photographic association GRAPh-CMi

Eric Sinatora runs since 1987 the photographic association GRAPh-CMi based in Carcassonne (South France). He talks about the different objectives of this association, about its workshops for partially-sighted people, about the importance according to him to print photos on paper, about La Grande Lessive... And he answers Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it ! (If you understand French^^)


Vincent Choquet talks about his job: director of a movie theatre. Today, he directs La Halle aux Grains in Castelnaudary, in the department of Aude (South of France). He also shares with us a good and a bad memory related to his job... And he answers Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it (if you understand French^^) !


fTa talks about her job as a lighting engineer. She also shows us how she uses her lighting console and she explains the differences between several types of lighting (incandescent bulb, halogen, compact fluorescent lamp, LED). And she'll answer Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it !

#17 New Year Special 2019 – Thanks for these interviews !!

Today I wanted to do a video especially dedicated to all of my hosts from the blog in order to thank you for having accepted to let me interview you. Thanks a lot !


For Christmas I did a compilation of answers of my interviewees to the Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it ! I wish you Happy Holidays !!

#15 Denys Clabaut CINEMA PROJECT MANAGER (Eng Subs)

Denys Clabaut is a French cinema project manager in the region of Occitanie for the association Les Amis du Cinoch'. He works together with schools among other things. He takes care of the film festival Cinéma d'Automne. He'll tell us about his vision of the movie 'Edward Scissorhands' from Tim Burton that he saw more than 50 times ! He'll also explain why for him nothing can replace a film theatre. And he'll answer Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it !

#14 Thierry F. ANIMATEUR RADIO (Only in French)

Thierry F enregistre ses interviews pour l'émission de web-radio Un Canon Sur Zinc qu'il co-anime également. Ils sont quatre à tenir cette web-radio audoise qui mêle interviews enregistrées sur le terrain, photographies en noir et blanc et musique. Thierry me fait le plaisir de répondre à mes questions...

#13 Adriano Sinivia OPERA STAGE DIRECTOR (Eng Subs)

Adriano Sinivia, Italian and ''opera stage director in spite of himself'' as he says, especially staged operas as Carmen ; Le Barbier de Séville ; The Cunning Little Vixen ; Rigoletto... He tells us about his journey and shows us how he works with his models. He also answers Bernard Pivot's questionnaire. Enjoy it !

#12 Nour Caillaud DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER and DIRECTOR of the Studio Nilanthi (Eng Subs)

Nour tells us about her journey: a dance solo of Marie-Claude Pietragalla she saw as a child and made her want to dance, until today when she is as well a director of her own dancing school, the Studio Nilanthi. She also shares with us her ambitions...

#11 Magali Arnaud MAYOR & VICE-PRESIDENT CULTURE (Eng Subs)

Magali Arnaud is a French MAYOR of the village Villar-en-Val, in the department of Aude and she is also VICE-PRESIDENT responsible for the Cultural sector of Carcassonne Agglo. She is telling us about her passion for Culture that she applies through her two posotions.
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